Freedman Normand Friedland is a forward-thinking law firm that provides its attorneys an innovative environment to take on today’s most challenging legal issues.

FNF distinguishes its recruitment efforts from other boutique law firms by offering a transparent salary and bonus structure, which provides employees a clear picture of their overall compensation package. We have developed a model that downplays the value of equity in place of offering above-market rewards to lawyers at all seniority levels for their business generation, litigation talent, and commitment to client results.  Our aim is to achieve efficiency on behalf of the firm's clients while eliminating the discretionary compensation elements commonly found across most major law firms.

Our summer intern recruitment focuses on securing exceptional law students from top law schools. FNF offers above market compensation and provides our summer interns the opportunity to work on high-stakes litigation. The firm also focuses on attracting well-established, seasoned legal minds through actively recruiting lateral hires from some of the nation’s top law firms. This blended recruitment approach helps foster a unique environment of diverse experience and legal strengths.

If you’d like to apply to join us as lateral associate, or if you are a current judicial clerk interested in applying for a post-clerkship position, please send your resume, law school transcript, and writing sample to [email protected].

Professional and Support Staff

The strength of our professional and support staff at Freedman Normand Friedland is vital to our continued success. We provide an environment rich with opportunities for advancement and development through training and on-the-job experience. Whether you are just beginning your career or looking for a worthwhile career change, Freedman Normand Friedland offers exciting professional opportunities.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please email us, explaining your interest and including your resume, to [email protected].